would you believe it?

Unbelievable, I’ve actually posted something on my site. Almost by accident, I might add. And thanks to Nick Cohen, because it was one of his recent pieces so it was him who did all the hard work whilst I merely pressed a couple of buttons. Pressed a couple of buttons with the intent of making a comment and finished up reblogging it. Well, whadd’ya know!

You know, I make no promises but I think I might get to like this. Yes, another presence in the blogosphere tapping away as if he had anything remotely important to say. Well, seems as if everyone else does, so why the hell not?

Pip pip old fruit.

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Ukip exploits every prejudice known to man – and invents a few new ones besides

Regarding ‘homophobia isn’t even a word, it’s a mixture of Latin and Greek’, didn’t some respected commentator once say television would be failure because it isn’t even…

Nick Cohen: Writing from London

Ukip leader Nigel Farage with Eastleigh Ukip candidate Diane JamesThe British centre-left has been tempted to ignore Ukip – the most powerful movement of organised stupidity in recent British history – even to welcome it in a quiet way. Conventional wisdom holds that Labour’s hopes of winning the next election depend on the rightwing vote splitting. Ukip are the splitters, who will let the left come through the middle in marginal seats.

Beyond electoral tactics lies a regard for populists who are anti-establishment. George Galloway may have crawled up the posteriors of half the dictators on the planet, while Alex Salmond may want to place barriers between the English and the Scots where none has existed for 300 years, but at least they are sticking it to the “system”. Likewise, Farage is a card, who hounds the professional politicians – and all those other pampered elitists who rip us off and ruin our lives.

A look at January 2014…

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